Sunday, May 15, 2011


Happy 89 months anniversary. He's part of my life since i was in high school and i always thought high school lover is cute!

How can i not fall for his eyes? How can i not fall for him every time when he cracked me up with his jokes? How can i not fall for him when all he talks about is his future with me.

Yeah, he made a mistakes before. I made a mistakes before. We both got hurts. But no one is perfect. Even after so long of being together, i still feel super excited when i wanna go out with him. He has taught me so much and maybe in a hard way but lesson learned and i love him even more.

I juz love having a long conversation with him. There are time when i feel like what was i thinking to be in this long relationship? And he knows how to remind me back. Looking forward to more anniversary with you and enjoying the ride.


P/s: I swear im smiling alone right now in my bed room with my pajamas still on. Gonna hit the shower in a few minutes. Happy Sunday :)

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